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Going On A "Honeymoon"

As you know, me and my wife finally had the wedding ceremony we never to have five years ago when we were wed at the home of a judge-friend of mine. While it was nice – a “ceremony” it was nice. We decided it was high time to have a true cermony complete with gown, wedding party and the works.

That was a few weeks ago…

Now, we are taking on the joyous task of having our honeymoon … finally. We will be heading back to the same spot where we took our renewal of vows – Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

We will be taking the week to spend some quality time with each other. You’ll find that, this week – I will not be blogging as much or spending as much time online. I’m gonna find out what it is like when you stop spending time worrying about work and music and the rest of life’s business…and start concentrating on your wife!