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(special thanks to Dr. Kyle Goen for finding this video.  Please visit his blog here.)

You aren’t poor.  You have plenty.  You have MORE than enough.

You aren’t starving.  There are some who could live for weeks off the scraps you toss out as if it is nothing.

   “The Gospel is only good news if it gets there in time.”
– Carl F. H. Henry

  • Adopt a child who may never find His love….or any love without you.  If you need help finding a good resource to do so – give me a shout…I have plenty of friends who can help you make SO much of a difference.
  • Sponsor a child with World Vision or Compassion International.  You’ll make a difference in someone’s community.  You’ll make a difference in some child’s life.  You’ll make a difference for Him.  Be the Point of Difference.
  • Just go.  Plain and simple.  If you are able….go.  What do you honestly have better to do in this life than to help another find life.

Go….Send…but do something now.