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got worship? Awards the “Best of The Best…”

Each year, we review things that we feel are relevant to worship leaders, pastors, churches, and worship teams – and bring you a list of those we feel are the “Best of the Best”.  Over the next two months, we will bring you the winners that we have selected over the year 2011.

Our first winner is in the category of “Best All-Round Website”.  The winner this year is a site that has evolved from one website – to many – back to one quintessential website for those who…well…for just about everyone! covers every area of church relevance from IT to creative and everything in between.  The geek-at-heart will be pleased with the humor and off-the-wall news items that the writers at the site come up with – and there is no shortage of resources found there that will leave you saying “why didn’t I think of that/find that/create that!”

If you’ve never visited the site before – I highly encourage it.  You’ll find ways to make your church’s website and social media tons more relevant and find ways to boost the efforts of your creative team.  It won’t take long to learn why they are the clear choice for the 2011 “Best All-Round Website” Award from got worship?.