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“Got worship?” Reviews : Glam Rock Gear


When does a pedalboard become less like luggage, function and utility and more like a work of art?  The simple answer…when it is hand-made from Glam Rock Gear.  Glam Rock Gear is based in Nashville, Tennessee and makes real world cases for real world musicians.  The owner of the company, Nathan Westerfield, is a personal friend and no stranger to worship music.  Nathan is one of my favorite lead guitarists to abuse…I mean – “one of my favorite lead guitarists that I like to utilize his calling for his talents on stage with me”.

With that being said, he knows the needs of a worship leader or worship musician.  Nathan understands the need to have practical and rugged portability for gear while keeping in mind that not every person in the world has an unlimited budget.  Let me be clear about this concept :  These pedalboards are top-notch quality down to the most finite details.  They rival some of the best that I have seen on the road made by companies that charge a fortune for them.  Nathan manages to keep the same quality at only a fraction of the cost.

Most of the guitarists that I work with own a custom made pedalboard from Glam Rock Gear – and they wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Nathan doesn’t limit himself to just helping you and your guitar needs – Glam Rock Gear also builds custom keyboard gear, amp cabinets and more.  He can also provide several “upgrades” to a pedalboard to help customize your gear for your needs.

You can see some of Nathan’s work with Glam Rock Gear below or check out his site at