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got worship? Reviews: “Guitar Praise”


It’s rare that we give you a review of something you can have “fun” with versus something that is just outright practical…but we’d thought we’d give it a shot.  Guitar Praise is a game especially for Mac and PC users that, some would say, is the Rock Band or Guitar Hero of the Christian music world.  I would concur.

Digital Praise, the creative genius behind the game, gave us one to play with as well one to give away to our awesome readers.  While we’ve had fun with the contest – we’ve had a blast playing the game itself.  By now, most of us are familiar with the way games like Rock Band or Guitar Hero work.  This game functions much in the same manner – but you don’t have to own an XBOX or Playstation to use it…you need only your computer.  The game is standard with a wireless controller making it a greater value right from the start.

There’s lots more fun to be had when you add a second controller to the mix.  You can go head-to-head … errr…. shred-to-shred with a friend and trip them up with some cool PowerUps:

• Invisibility – causes your opponent’s target zone to disappear
• Minus – causes your opponent’s play to subtract from his/her score
• Speed – causes your opponent’s notes to fall faster
• Smoke – causes a cloud of smoke to hide your opponent’s target zone
• Broken Fret – causes one of your opponent’s frets to break, it must be pressed several times to be    repaired
• Whammy – causes your opponent’s fret buttons to stop working until they press their Whammy Bar several times
• Blast – takes away all PowerUp from your opponent

One of the coolest ways I can see you guys (our reader) using this game…is for outreaches and special events.  I’ve already seen the success that this game can have at major events like GMA’s Immerse. (I even got to challenge Pillar and Leeland playing it….true story)  Since it only neeeds a Mac or PC to operate it – why not connect it to your projection screens at your next youth rally and let the kids have at it?  You’ll be confident in knowing that that the songs will be appropriate and that the fun will be wholesome.  Buy a second so you can have a “shred-to-shred” competition.  Here’s the kicker….buy a third one…and use it for a drawing to giveaway as a door prize to one of the guests.

Guitar Praise can not only be used for quality family fun – but also for large group fun…and for fun on your own.  With a growing number of songs available via Expansion Packs, the game is not likely to become dated.  Intrigued?  Take a look at this quick promotional video of the game in action….then take it into action yourself and buy one direct from Digital Praise.