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got worship? Reviews: “Me In Motion”


We spend so much time as worship leaders and worship pastors listening to music for the congregation that we tend to forget to find music that can suit our own ear buds.

Thankfully Centricity Music found Me In Motion.

Me In Motion – a new group right? Depends on your definition of the word “new”.  If by “new” you mean “their debut self-titled album is being released today (March 23, 2010)”…then, yes…quite new.  If you can define new by a trio who had a fan base of tens of thousands and logged countless miles of touring hours as simple touring artists before a major record label even batted an eye at them…and add to that that, even before their album has even been released and the words “Me in Motion” have hit most radio station’s lips, the trio is already signed to tour with the Newsboys…then the term “new” seems a little “tacky”, doesn’t it.

So lets focus on what matters.  Three guys:

Seth Mosley (lead vocals/guitar)

Tim Wilson (bass/background vocals)

Brian Dexter (drums/background vocals)

“From the very beginning,” lead singer Mosley explains, “Tim, Brian and I wanted Me In Motion to be remembered by fans as the band that was always available and accessible. That’s why we hang out at the merchandise table before and after our shows, just to connect with the kids who come out to see us. And it really has a big impact on people when you take that time with them instead of just getting up on stage, playing your set and splitting. It really matters to kids and a lot of them leave messages on our facebook page afterwards to let us know. We also post a new online video content weekly and do a lot of twittering to make fans feel even more a part of our community. One of our primary missions is to make sure that Me In Motion never loses that aspect of who we are.”

Their songs have a feel that is positive and leaves you feeling charged…lifted up.  With influences obvious within the songs such as Jet, Foo Fighters, Switchfoot, Oasis, The Killers, Weezer, The Bravery and the Beatles – it is an album that has a little something for everyone.  The key, however, to the songs is not in the style…but the intent of the content.

“I’m trying to write songs that will inspire people to ‘live’ in a way they never have before,” says Seth. “ realize that loving everyone, regardless of circumstance, is what it’s really all about.”

There’s even songs like Here In The Middle that, in my opinion can be used in a worship setting to help encourage a congregation to find the opportunities to serve God in spaces that we look at as “just another day”

but every day could be more

if every day

here in the middle

was Yours!

“Doing simple things like helping their neighbors, or sitting by a lonely kid at the lunch table at school, or giving someone an open ear–It’s often those little things that let people around us know how much they’re really loved.”

Standouts on the album…Back To You (very Coldplay-ish), Losers (their first radio release) and Gotta Be Something (“be not conformed to this world…”)

Interested in getting the album?  Word has it that you can get the whole album this week only for only $5.00 … head to the Me In Motion music store to snag it up!