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got worship? Reviews: “Sixteen Cities”


Most bands who start together in High School begin with dreams of making it big and signing a huge record deal.  What happens, however, when the same high school band cares more about winning lost souls to Christ by ministering than becoming famous?  They become a band of young adults – with a huge record deal – who are still more concerned with ministering to the lost than their own popularity.

Meet Sixteen Cities.  Formerly known as Issachâr, the band is comprised of lead singer Josiah Warneking, rhythm guitarist Joshua Miller, lead guitarist Dustin Erhardt, drummer Chad McCutchen and bassist Joel Warneking.  The band have made an impression on those already in the music industry – working with manager Ryan Shrout (former lead guitarist of the career platinum selling act Kutless) and writing with stellar Christian producer/songwriters like  Jason Ingram (Brandon Heath, Tenth Avenue North), Rusty Varenkamp (Bebo Norman, Rush of Fools) and Steve Wilson (Jonny Diaz, Hawk Nelson).  The biggest impression they make, however, is with God’s family.  The band members are committed to their home church.  Josiah and Joshua serve as their home church’s worship leaders.  Perhaps it is that constant connection that makes their music so relevant to its listeners.

The album has a great share of stand-outs from "Sing Along" (a great song that perfectly depicts how our universe is conducted in a beautiful orchestral melody for God) to "Come As You Are" (a reminder that we serve a God who loves us regardless of what we do – a message that reaches all.).  My personal standout favorite is "Pray You Through", a song that won’t pretend to have the right things to say – but, instead, offers the prayer of intercession to help.

The album is full of great gems that will encourage and inspire – and will be a great recomendation for your personal collection or to add to your youth services.

You can visit the band’s website to listen to some of the cuts from the album, purchase the album in advance, or learn more about the band at .

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