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Groupon for Worship?

Groupon is everywhere these days.  My wife turned me on to this company a a while back and I continue to find deals that I couldn’t find elsewhere – a pack of tickets to a fun family outing for next to nothing, dinner and a movie for two for about the price of popcorn…Groupon has been a blessing in a strange way in days when we are trying to pinch every penny possible.

So…what does Groupon have to do with worship?  Since it is the holiday season – we thought we would jump on the Groupon bandwagon…with one major exception:

We don’t need you to buy a Groupon from us…we want to GIVE you money for a FREE Groupon!

If you notice off to the right of the website there now exists a little red “Rewards” ribbon.  Clicking on that gives you the opportunity to log in to our new “got worship? Rewards” section with Facebook or email.  Once you do – you will get points.  You get points for just about anything.  Visit the site…get points.  Come back again tomorrow (or today to another article in some cases) you get points.  Look for little red ribbon icons to pop up on the website.  Those clue you in to ways you can get points.  Notice the comments section at the bottom?  Yep – if you leave a comment…you get points.  See the scrolling “share” bar to the left of this article?  Yep…use the “TweetMe” button and you can get points.

You’ll find TONS of ways to earn points and, over the next year or so, we are going to give you plenty of COOL prizes to use those points for.  Right now, you can start accumulating points to get one of the following items:

  • Groupon – Rack up enough points and we will treat you to a $15 Groupon Gift card!  Now when those Groupons start filling your email box and you say “I wish I had an extra $15 bucks to spare for that”…we will have you covered!   – 1 reward per user –  20000 points to redeem.

  • – $10 Zynga game card (FarmVille, CityVille, FrontierVille and CaféWorld) – I’m not a fan of the FarmVille stuff…but I know plenty of you are.  So…gather up your points and get a free game card.   – 1 reward per user – 15000 points to redeem.

  • – $5 Amazon gift card.  Who couldn’t use some extra Amazon cash?  This one is a no-brainer.  Start racking up your points and get some free Amazon bucks!   – 1 reward per user – 8500 points to redeem.

Ready to start gathering points?  Like us on Facebook….tweet about us….become a “Fan” of on facebook, or simply leave a comment on the blog.

If I might suggest a GREAT place to do so… visit our recent article where we asked our readers to “Come out” of hiding and introduce themselves.  Then, find other articles that you have a thought about and comment on it as well.  Start by signing in using the red “Rewards” ribbon to the left and then leave us a comment!  You’ll be racking up points in no time!

Best of luck to you!

(Not interested in Groupon, Amazon, or Zynga?  Use the widget below to enter our giveaway for a FREE “got worship?” T-Shirt!)