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Have an “American Idol” Lead Your Worship Service!



Wow…not THAT’s an interesting statement…”Have an “American IDOL” lead your worship? Obviously…this isnt the same type “idol” we are talking about. In fact, this “idol” would prefer to abandon that title altogether. Yep – there have been many worship leaders on FOX’s hit show American Idol. Of all of them, Chris Sligh has stood out to me the most. Why? For one thing – he probably will resent, in some small form, my choice in titling this post. Why? …because Chris Sligh is as genuine as they come…and he wants to lead YOUR congregation in worship.

Chris is looking to do some work within the churches in late August thru November. If your church would like to have Chris come…consider inviting him for one of the following:

1. A SHOW – Chris would do a show at your church any night during the week and even help you to promote it and get the most outreach possible for the event. While it may be easy to call it a “show”, I can assure you that you will witness a night of great songs, great laughs, and glorifying God with stories and worship.

2. LEAD WORSHIP – Chris will lead worship with YOUR church’s team. Give your worship pastor/worship leader a break…or let him/her sing along with Chris.

3. LEAD WORSHIP and A SHOW – Chris will do a show in your church Saturday or Sunday and lead worship with your team Sunday!

4. MINI-WORSHIP CAMPS – Let Chris work with your entire worship department for three days. During that time, Chris will go over philosophy, preparation, and what it means to be a GREAT worship team. He will work on stage with your team both as a group and individually. See what a difference three days will make in your Sunday worship!

Interested? Reach out to Chris at chrissligh1978 (at)

EDITOR’s NOTE: I met Chris years when we were hanging out in the green room at IMMERSE in Nashville. His conversation – genuine. His take on theology – sound as a rock. His love for music and worshipping God – unceasing. Chris has an album coming out soon as well as a new TV show. Despite the buzz….Chris is as humble as ever. I’d strongly encourage you to reach out…and let Chris minister with your church family!