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He Makes All Things New



Crystal and I have made several new friends here in North Dakota – including my Senior Pastor Mike and his wife Kiley. Kiley also serves on the worship team singing and playing keys. Kiley has a very unique gift for taking “junk” and restoring it into treasures. The chair in the title image is a chair she bought at a yard sale for only $5 and then applied her craft of fabric, stain, and trim to it to transform it into a chair fit for royalty. What others see as items fit to discard or to make a quick sale of unwanted goods at a yard sale – Kiley sees the beauty within.

There’s value in this beyond the obvious. I run into worship leaders and worship team members who constantly struggle with their own mortality and sin nature…and fight to wonder why they “deserve” the opportunity to serve in worship of our perfect God. “I’m not perfect,” I hear often. Guess what… neither am I. Thankfully – there is someone out there who is far craftier than even Kiley is at seeing the beauty within.

You see – we see the “junk” in ourselves quite often. God sees what He created us for – and its beautiful even in our carnal ugliness.

We are still that masterpiece that hangs on God’s fridge…even when we dont color inside the lines.

Don’t miss that.

“We leave the old behind it will not define us, no. Yesterday is gone, now anything is possible.”