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So…sad news today. The writer of the song “Healer” (an awesome song, btw) seems to have turned out to be a fraud. I can’t help but think back to a recent editor’s note in Worship Leader magazine that talks about how God manifests in many areas, though. The editor talked about how they did a cover article back in the day about Mel Gibson and the “changes” the Passion made in his life. We all know how that seemed to have turned out. But straddle that fence for a moment. Look on a broad scope. Chase that Goose for a moment! (Love that buzz phrase, don’t ya) Didn’t he do wonders for millions of other people? Its not about him! Its about what God did through the medium of a movie.

Guess what? “Healer” is still about what God can do through the medium of a song with other people. And ya know what? God can heal disillusion and deceitful folks, too!