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Here’s One Single Step To Help Your Congregation Sing Louder

Have you ever walked away from a Sunday service and thought “man, I wish the congregation sang louder?”  I’ve been in plenty of those situations throughout my (nearly) thirty-plus years in leading music.  While there are a number of things I could share with you that would help with increasing congregational singing within the church (and many that are pivotal and, perhaps, more important discussions for another day), there is one small thing that you can implement this Sunday that tends to reap huge results to increase congregational singing.

Years ago, I adopted an idea when I realized that a congregation I was guest leading at was not participating in to the degree I thought they might be….

…I invited them to.

Now before you start throwing things at me through your screens.  That isn’t entirely the tip.  There are a number of reasons why people dont sing to the top of their lungs.  In the case of the church I had been invited to lead at, it was because the music was very energetic…and loud.  It was a great experience…but no one could hear themselves.

….and THAT is the key.  Most of the time…we don’t hear ourselves.

This isn’t an article about how to ensure your music isn’t too loud or too fast.  No.  This is one simple tip that I’ve used over the years…and it has worked.  Take time this Sunday during a chorus or bridge or even verse of a song that you know your church knows well…and instruct your vocal team ahead of time that you are going to say one thing to your congregation:

“….you sing it!”

…and then you and your vocal team back away from your mics.  Don’t let your lips stop singing.  Instead…make sure that YOUR voices aren’t what is driving through the auditorium.  See if suddenly, the sound from your congregation singing doesnt suddenly amplify from an awakened sense of “hey…we can hear ourselves…and we sound GOOD together!”.

The more you incorporate this into your services (sparingly….but still an active part), I can almost guarantee you that you will feel and hear an increase in your congregation’s participation.

Try it out!

(What tips do YOU have to share?  Pass them along below in the comments section.  We’d love to hear them!)