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He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands

“He’s got the whole world – in His hands.”  Are you singing the song yet?  Chances are we sang it as a child and then forgot about the song.  According to the book of Job – it’s a good thing He has the world in His hands:

“He poised the earth on nothingness.” (Job 26:7)

How amazing is God that He can place the earth in the middle of nothing!?

The answer is pretty amazing.

Our world is pretty heavy.  In fact, it weighs 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons! (That’s six sextillion for you word geeks).  Somehow, despite its weight, it is perfectly balanced on its axis.  Its a fine-tuned axis, too.  It is perfectly tilted at 23 degrees.  If it was slightly off, the vapors from the oceans would create huge continents made of ice.  Yet, somehow, this heavy earth stays at 23 degrees.

…”poised on nothingness.”

It rotates at a speed of 1,037 miles per hour each day.  Let’s stop for a minute and put that into perspective.  Thats five times the top speed of a Porche 911 or a Lamborghini Gallardo…only the earth does this nine million times a year…and never stops for gas.

How is it that something that ways so much…that is spinning so fast…that has to stay balanced on such a percise delicate invisable axis can be “poised on nothingness”?

….well it’s obvious.  “He’s got the whole world in His hands.”


Take a moment today and worship an amazing God who created the earth perfectly.   If He had such a perfect design for the earth to spin with such precision…think of the plans He has for you.  Ask God in your time of worship to guide you in His plans this week.