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How can God use random things like sledding with your daughter?

….five words…


It had started out as a simple after church saga.  I had returned home after doing worship at one of our LifePoint Church campuses on a very icy day and decided to take my daughter sledding.  I sent a simple request out on facebook and twitter to try to find out where the best place might be to go…


One of the first replies I got was to a location right under my nose…my home church.  WOW, what a hill!  This thing is like a whole football field length long and about that deep as well.  Talk about steep!  This hill has a drop!  Out of all the time that I had attended LifePoint, I had never noticed the hill before.

My daughter had an absolute BLAST going down that hill time and time again.  While I was up there, I met a man who has bringing his son to LifePoint for youth events, but has never attended himself.  He is concidering now attending LifePoint with his son.  Soon he and the other family he was with left and it was just me and my daughter – until another family shows up.

The kids played around for a while and I introduced myself to the dad.  Our church is large and, admittedly, it is hard to know who is a member or not.  Turns out – the man had never been to LifePoint before…or a church for that matter.  He was there just because “this was the biggest hill I could find to sled on”.

So we talked…and talked…and talked.  We talked about his questions … “why a church that big?” and “why no steeple?” and other assorted questions.  Eventually, the conversation turned more serious into questions about God and ended up with “when do you guys have church?”  (*Smile* ) I was more than happy to answer!

I set out to sled with my daughter on some ice….anywhere.  So did they.  Amazing how God has other plans.  But God always has other plans…doesn’t He?