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How (Not) To Write A Worship Song


Let’s be honest – you laughed at the PowerPoint bit.

Isn’t there truth here? Let’s take a look at a hymn – any hymn. Yep, there are LOTS of “thy, thou”, and other ye old language – but when replaced with a “you and your” here and there – the words still make perfect sense today. More importantly – they are much deeper than songs today. We take up way too much of today’s worship with singing “wooooah” and “ohhhh” instead of things of theological substance and relevance. We are of the impression that we have to make songs so simple to sing so that all the congregation can sing it that, by the third time they have done it, it becomes as simple as a nursery rhyme.

Take a look at the songs you add today – and ask yourself “What TRUE deep meaning can someone of any walk get from this?” Avoid today’s pitfall of “man that lead solo in that song sounds WAYYYY cool….think we’ll do it this month” unless the words glorify and resonate richly “wayyyyy cooler”!

Let’s stop watering down our worship. Those of us who call ourselves worship writers or artists….that goes for you, too. Make an OFFERING…don’t make a 3 chord cliché and call it an act of worship.


…take your PowerPoint person to lunch sometime. 🙂