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How Powerful Is Prayer?

prayerandpraiseI did something this past week that had been burning at me – I created a twitter account with no purpose of self-promotion or self at all.  The nature of this twitter account was to perform  the following:

  1. Find anyone who is asking for prayers or discussing a prayer on twitter.
  2. RT their prayers so that others can pray with and for them.

I did so shortly before the weekend.  I created a twitter account called “PrayTweets” and swet the ball in motion.  The tech side of the concept is pretty simple – I run a series of Yahoo! Pipes that pulls through the live-stream of all public twitter users and looks for people who have “tweeted” the word “prayer” or “pray” or “praying” and then makes an RSS output in the format of “RT @username #praytweets their message”.  Via a service called “TweetBots”, I can pipe that RSS through and have it comeo out in the tangible format we know as “tweets”.

The process runs on it’s own.  The process that it runs from a spiritual aspect, however, runs much deeper.  At the time of this post – only a couple of days after creation – the twitter account has made 2,185 RT’s and has 624 followers.   Bear in mind – I am not going out and seeking followers…these are folks following on their own.

Why?  Prayer is powerful – and people tend to understand the power in prayer.  Let’s take a look at the anatomy of these prayers:

@imatwitteruser has 23 followers.  He/she tweets the statement “found out my aunt just had a heart attack. I pray that she is ok!”  At this point, there are 23 folks who have the potential of reading that tweet and taking the time to offer words of encouragement or prayers.  There may also be a handful of folks who may either be looking at the global public status of all public twitter users and catch it – or just happen to be searching for a keyword in her tweet and leads them to her specific tweet.

Enter into the equation @PrayTweets who takes that single post and retweets it to its 624 … now 632 followers.  Now, we are aware that there are some folks who tend to follow others just to spam – but the folks who are following PrayTweets we not solicited followers.  They either followed because they were retweeted, were followed by a spammer, or were followed because of the subject content.  Lets exclude a lot of these followers and say that 50% of these followers are actually good folks who care about prayer.  @imatwitteruser now has his/her post in front of an assumed 316 of @PrayTweets’ followers – and increasing the potential for prayers for his/her specific issue.

So what is my point?  God is current – God is great.  God can use technology to meet needs of others and to pray.  Stop for a moment and realize the impact of that.  There isn’t a shred of technology – or a shred of anything for that matter – that God didn’t know about before it was created or developed.  God was already familiar with Web 2.0 when he was using fire in a bush to talk to Moses – and God knew that one day, a twitter account named @PrayTweets would have 632 … now 654 prayerful followers. Isn’t technology God amazing?