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How To Build Your Worship Team in 10 Steps

Worship teams that play well together do more than just sound great – they speak volumes to the congregations in which they serve. Worship teams that don’t play well together – well…they tend to speak volumes…but it tends to be at different volumes – and usually causes someone in the congregation to beg to have the volume turned down.
The truth is, there has to be harmony within your worship team – no pun intended. How do you build your worship teams in a manner that fosters that growth? I’ve compiled ten easy steps that will help you in this quest.

1. Start off right…be slow to add to your team.

Let’s face it – when we learn of someone new in our congregation that sings, plays guitar, drums, bass, tuba, or bag pipes – we corner them and explain to them how their talents should be used in for God’s glory and, therefore, your church’s worship team. What would happen if we were a little slower to attack talent and, instead, earnestly sought God for the direction on how God would use that person. Perhaps we might find that God has different plans for that person and “His Glory”.

Too many times, we become too quick to acquire assets to our worship team and not slow enough to gauge a person’s heart. Think honestly – how many people on your team have you had that was “that” person. I’m sure that more than a handful of “those” people made it to the team because they were invited too quickly without any real process.

2. Pray together

It goes without saying – but you would be surprised how many teams I see who don’t pray together. No, I don’t mean praying before a service…I mean truly praying together. Each week, call your team, have a meeting on Tokbox, or (if you must) send an email to determine what needs your team has – then pray together about them. What is going on on the home-front? What are the biggest spiritual weaknesses we are each facing that we can all pray for? Put them all on the table – and pray together. You will be amazed at what a worship team who prays together can accomplish.

Ready for more? We’ve got eight more tips left…but you’ve got two that you are already behind on. Don’t read another article on this website right now – you can always bookmark it and come back later start working on these tips right now.

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