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Hunter’s Baptism

Hunter’s Baptism, originally uploaded by Jason Whitehorn Pics.

It is always a pleasure and a privilege to baptize a believer – and I cherish each opportunity I have been graced with to do so…but this is a baptism I will NEVER forget.

Today, I had the honor of baptizing my son. Needless to say…I am a proud daddy. You cant hear the audio of what I am saying in the mobile video…but word’s don’t need to be heard. In Hunter’s video, he said “Before – I was just an ordinary boy…now, I am a Christian!” The congregation erupted in cheers.

Isn’t that a true statement, though? Before we realize what Jesus did for us….we ARE ordinary. It is only after we realize that we also realize that we were extraordinary all along…for we are God’s creations!

Uploaded by Jason Whitehorn Pics on 3 May 09, 12.38PM CST.

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