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Hurry Home

Not often that I talk about a country song – but this one is worth mentioning.  It’s by Jason Michael Carroll – and called simply … “Hurry Home”.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, I still love you
It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, you can still come home
And honey if it’s you, we’ve got a lot of making up to do
And I can’t hug you on the phone, so hurry home

This song is an awesome story of a father’s love for his child.  We don’t know what the child has done – for that, we can only speculate.  The point is powerful.  The father, although I am sure he has done his share of speculating, doesn’t care what has happened.  He only cares that his child returns home.

In Luke 15:11-32 we find a similar story of a father who’s son decided he wanted to go out and “live life to its fullest”.  When the son returned, his father rejoiced!  He brought out an entire feast, gave him a new wardrobe, and treated him like royalty…because a father’s love is unconditional.

Sometimes we forget that God views us just like the father viewed his prodigal son – or the way the father in Carroll’s song felt about his daughter.  The truth is that there isn’t a single situation that we put ourselves in that He will forbid us from returning to Him after.  God rejoices at our return and says “it doesn’t matter what you’ve done…I still love you!”

Are you still wandering – and afraid to return home?  Know of someone who is?  Pass this message along to them.

(article by “got worship?” founder Jason Whitehorn.)