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I guess the economy is hitting everyone…

I guess the economy is hitting everyone…

Originally uploaded by Jason Whitehorn Pics

My old manager gave this to me a while back. I’ve held on to it all this time for a good laugh. Enjoy.

(Click on the picture to view in full size.)
Please note that this pic/video blog has been sent direct from my camera. Spelling errors are accredited to me being a fumble-finger.

3 thoughts on “I guess the economy is hitting everyone…”

  1. Aaron says:

    haha here we have a Family Dollar and a Dollar General store next to each other.. competition is fierce!

  2. Jason Whitehorn says:

    must have a Dollar Store to complete the trinity

  3. Aaron says:

    hmm..nothing here called just a "dollar store" .. but we have Dollar Tree and Everything's A Dollar. …Family Dollar is evil though, not everything is a dollar.. the others are all $1 or less for everything.

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