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I Need A Little More of HIM In My Mix


Whether our instrument is our voice, our guitar, a piano, or some other musical instrument – It is hard to escape the simple fact that we are musicians.  I am sure that we have all reached out to our mixer at some point and said “hey, can I get a little more of ________ in my mix?”  In my church, I have the luxury of having a full stage of personal AVIOMs and a slew of great FOH guys mixing on Yamaha PM5D boards to create a great sound to begin with.  “Getting a little more of __________” is as easy as turning up a knob.

What isn’t as easy to accomplish is getting a little more GOD in my mix.  Sometimes the rehearsals and the mechanics of the songs are enough of a distraction to somewhat drown out God in our own personal mixes despite what the house sound hears.  Keeping God the center of your own personal attention in the midst of worship is every bit as important as it is the focus of the congregation’s attention.  I dare say that if you are losing that important focus – it becomes harder for you to help direct others into a more God-centered worship.

How, then, can we “get a little more GOD in our mix”?  Here are some tips that I think are key in this process:

1. Don’t ask God to show up for worship – but expect rehearsal to be closed off to band only!

Wow.  Don’t we do this a lot?  Our rehearsals aren’t just mechanical.  They are extensions of our worship.  Begin your rehearsals with a prayer.  End your rehearsals with a prayer.  If you are struggling during rehearsal or if you are dealing with a problematic song – pray about it during the rehearsal.  This shouldn’t be a “you” thing – but, rather, a band thing.  Invite God into your rehearsals…and you, in a sense, invite Him into the band.  He isn’t just part of the audience or “that Guy that you hope shows up on Sunday.”  He should be your Chief Worship Leader…your Principal Front of House Guy…your LEAD Guitarist…you get my point.

2. Don’t spend 10 minutes throwing together an order of worship.

This is one of my biggest pet peeves.  If your intention is to stand on a stage and sing songs…then, by all means, pick out a few songs that seem to flow well…maybe even a few in the same key or that use the same keyword – and call it an “order of worship”.  In contrast, if you want something God designed and God inspired…then pray about what God would have you to lead for a particular Sunday service.  Spend some time in the Word studying the topic of the week.  Pray some more about what God would have your to sing.  Spend more time studying the Word.  There will come a time when you’ve prayed and studied that an order of worship that is natural and flowing will come forth.

3. Let the Spirit lead…don’t try to lead the Spirit

Don’t force something because it “feels right” or “looks Holy”.  If it sounds good musically…do it.  If it looks good artistically…create it.  Do it, however, on their own merits.  Don’t try to “create” something “in the Spirit” but, instead, allow the Spirit to lead each thing you create naturally.  It isn’t something you can control.  It isn’t something you can harness.

A good FOH guy or gal can tweak just about anything in a mix.  When it comes to having the perfect mix, however…it just isn’t “right” without a little more “HIM” in the mix.