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If We Could All Be A Little Like Chris

I wish you each had the opportunity to meet this man.  Your life would be blessed exponentially by just one conversation with him.  Chris Kent was a friend to many, an extraordinary bass player, husband, father, and a man of God.

You couldn’t miss Chris’ smile when you were around him.  Perhaps that was because of Chris’ heart.  He was always serving…and sharing his faith…even until his recent death from cancer.  When we put on the Concert of The Decade two years ago, Chris’ servant heart went from being in the spotlight playing with Lorrie Morgan and, instead, went to servitude by checking coats from those in attendance.

The coming months and years afterwards were a roller-coaster ride.  I’ve kept every single email and post from Chris chronicling his hospital visits, advances in treatments, treatment failures, pain, joys, and more…but there is one solid thing that was persistant throughout…

…his amazing faith.

We aren’t talking a faith that God was going to come through with a miracle and make all right…but a faith that insisted that all was right because he had God.  This – an example of many that he wrote just a year ago.

And the cool thing is, I don’t have to worry about HOW. I’m not required to know all the workings of how God will work it out. I’m just required to trust and obey. Philippians 4:6-8 says, “…don’t worry about anything but pray about everything. The peace of God will guard your heart.” I’ve had a lot of folks ask me, “How can you smile going what you’re going through?” It’s those verses right there. Peace that passes understanding.

Chris regularly took the time to talk about his faith and offer to anyone who would hear the love of God and the plan of Salvation.  Through his love and desire to simply obey…there are no telling how many lives have been touched today and how many friends he will be able to see in Heaven one day that will be able to say “you are the reason I am here.”

Wow…to be like Chris…

……….to be like Christ.

I thank you, my funky brother!  I love you so much and can’t wait to see you in Heaven one day.