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I’m a “Medium” guy…how about you?

Blame it on my dad…I’m a steak guy. I love steak…and I learned how to grill them from the best. My dad grilled steaks for us multiple nights during the week and always cooked them the same way…perfect.

It wasn’t until I started entertaining guests in my own house that I slowly realized my definition of “perfect” isn’t the same as the next guys. For me…it’s a steak cooked “medium”. For the next person, it may be “well-done”. For someone else, perfection may very well be pretty close to standing on four legs while “mooing”.

Still…a steak is a steak right?

While you’re savoring the flavor…chew on this:

We worship in different styles, too. Some may like the Hillsong style, some may go for the more traditional hymns, some may go for focus or solo songs, and some may find the later a distraction.

A month or so back, I left my in-ears and professional group of bandmates back in the Nashville area to sing a focus song at a rural church. Truth be known…I didn’t want to do it at first. It was so far away from my current style…but I did it.

Then end result was a church that responded in a great way to decade old songs. What was old for our church was new for these ears…and refreshing.

Could there be a lesson in this for us as worship leaders? Perhaps. Perhaps the medium steak we’ve been serving is a bit too rare for the well-done taste buds of another congregant’s ears.

Perhaps this will do something to our mentality the next time we thing for a moment “why change? We’ve always done it this way.”

How do you like your steak?