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I’m Far From Perfect

I think there are times that it becomes too easy for me to point out failures in others.  We live in a society today that there is a legitimate trend on twitter called #FAIL” given almost as “that-award-you-don’t-want-to-get-for-something-stupid-you-shouldn’t-have-done”.  Then – there are the really crazy moments in life called “#EPICFAILS” that are tantamount to the “award-you-don’t-want-to-get-for-something-stupid-you-REALLY-shouldn’t-have-done-and-probably-won’t-live-down-for-quite-some-time” events in life.  While they are funny at times…I am sure that I am all to quick at laughing at someone else’s expense when I, myself, am far from perfect.

I realize that I am super critical of others and not critical enough of myself.  So…allow me a moment to give myself the verbal lashing and humbling that I need.


…you rely on the confidence monitors way to much for any worship leader.  You expect the worship teams and choirs to know the songs – know them yourself.

…you expect your band to come fully prepared on Thursday night rehearsals – but you will allow yourself a million excuses for why your week was so busy that you are cramming all of your practice in the night before.  Shame on you!

…you preach on this very website the importance of having devotionals with your own worship team – yet you don’t make it a priority to have devotional time with your wife…the most important team you have!

…you need to find more time to read your Bible.  You’ve got a fantastic app on your fancy app….it will even read it to you.  Perhaps you should use it a little less than your 5-zillion other apps.

There.  Perhaps now I can’t hide behind it.  I fail on a daily basis.  Thank GOD that He picks me back up again and reminds me why I am here.