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I’m Using A New Shampoo…YOUR Worship Team Should, Too

I was replying to comments this morning from our recent article on “Coming Out Of The Closet” and was encouraged to hear from one worship leader from North Carolina who wrote about why he frequents

I love the videos you post from the different churches worship sets. the sharing of ideas with you and Los and the other churches willing to post their videos is a huge blessing. Church helping other churches. Perfect unity. I love this. Thanks for doing what you do. I appreciate it.

I can relate to where his appreciation is coming from.  As worship leaders and pastors, we often times find ourselves in a rut…doing the same things in the same ways over and over again because they either “feel right” or because “it’s always just worked” and never venture out.  I hear from plenty of worship leaders who are bi-vocational which, lets get real…can often times translate into “I spend the vast majority of my time at my main job and a small sliver as a worship leader….so I am usually throwing together a worship plan at the last minute…often even re-hashing something I did last year or last month.”

When I take a shower…I am more often thinking about everything else that I have going on in life or what is coming up next then I am taking a shower.  A time to relax usually just means a time to be able to think about all the things I have yet to do.  Then one day…in my corner of the shower….there it is…a new bottle of shampoo.  “What?  I’ve used the same type for years!  This should be interesting!”  All of the sudden…with something as simple as a new type of shampoo…I’m paying more attention to a shower than I am my thoughts on life and business.

While I would never wish congregational showering at your church….our services are a lot like that.  We are used to the same-old, same old when we go to worship…and we go in loaded with distractions:  “How am I going to afford the car payment this month?”  “Did I fill up the tank?”  “We’ve still got a lot left to do on our adoption paperwork.”  “Wonder where we should go to eat after service?”  “Didn’t the worship leader wear that shirt last week?”  When we add something new to the worship experience…it brings focus back to the worship and causes a congregation to focus.

I can vividly remember being a worship leader at a church that had a 3:1 traditional hymn to contemporary songs ratio.  One week…our choir broke out “When I Think About The Lord” complete with a soulful solo.  We were hesitant to wonder what people would think.  It was a far cry what we normally did.  The reaction…overwhelmingly positive.  I saw people move in that church that I didn’t even know COULD move!

What should your new shampoo be?  I don’t know that answer…that is for you to decide…but take a look at some of the ideas we post here and, if something grabs you….USE IT!

“Churches helping other churches….I love this”

So….let’s start a discussion:

What fresh idea did you try (whether your own or borrowed from another church’s ideas) that really seemed to make a difference in your congregation’s response?   Leave your answers and comments below in our comments section.

Ready?  Set?  GO!