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imPERFECT: Book Reviews

I am excited to finally get back in the swing of a project I had vowed to start quite a few months ago. I am currently in the works writing my latest book called “imPERFECT : A guide to becoming the PERFECT worship leader.” In doing so, I’d love to invite a select few people to privately review the book as it is

being drafted – offer your opinions, critique, and input. I will have a special section of the website set up that will be password protected for us to discuss thoughts on each section as I release it.

Interested in seeing where this takes us? Click this link and sign up to be a part of our private review team.

2 thoughts on “imPERFECT: Book Reviews”

  1. dbd7777 says:

    Password not working on iOS iPad.

    1. (Jason W.) says:

      Hmmm….we just attempted it and got in. Not sure what the issue is going on.

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