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“In Christ Alone” : Day 3 of IMMERSE.

aaron shust There’s a little different title for tonight’s post for a totally different reason:  IT HIT ME – and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  We’ve had a blast so far at IMMERSE – and there has been much to talk about.  Today was no different.  From more competitions, critiques and networking – to an awesome night of acoustic music from some awesome songwriters.  IMMERSE continues to prove itself to be a worthwhile event.

Still – it all  boiled down to one moment.  Don Koch fired up the baby grand on stage with a song that, as he puts it, “sat on a shelf for five years.”  Koch continued to explain the song’s initial failure by adding that “absolutely no one wanted it.”  Then, he sang the first line.  That song : “In Christ Alone”.  I sat there (stood, rather, from the wings) and literally cried over lyrics I have heard time and time again.  The song hit me like a ton of bricks.  It was true…it was current…it was what I needed to remind me.

Stop for a minute.  Think about what you are doing.  Right now, you may have a song that has spun its wheels for five years – or longer. You may have written a song that will sit for five years that you just wrote last night.  Who knows if, one day, that song will touch thousands…or even one.  The point of the matter is – God placed that song on your lips, in your heart, and on to paper for a reason.  Please – don’t ever forget that, as writers of Christian music – we are ministering to others.

More to come – but back to the wings I must go.  Aaron Shust is singing “My Savior My God.”

God…is GOOD!