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Intimacy and Tithing UPDATE: FB and Twitter edition


(Article by “got worship?” contributor Justin Mulder)
socialmediaandgodHow are you guys doing on tithing or giving the first fruits of your emotions etc to God?

Anyway as I have been trying to practice this, I came upon an interesting discovery. I noticed that I was actually processing my emotions and thoughts by posting status updates on twitter and facebook.

Wow! So there’s me thinking I am going to other people, and often my wife first, when actually I should be going to God first. Then, PA-POW! I realise I am cheating on God with Facebook and Twitter!

Now I don’t want to get legalistic or anything but hey I was quite amazed at this. Here I am posting my first-fruits to an impersonal world wide web.

I think there is a little deception that creeps in that tells us these social networks are real life. They aren’t as real as we would like. I read somewhere on the web that up 70%-80% of post’s on twitter are from robots (little programs designed to send updates). Crazy isn’t it?

Also think about this: 90% of communication is non-verbal which means simple status updates don’t tell even half the story. Therefore attach more pictures, ha ha ha.

Seriously though, while social networks allow us to connect with others in a powerful way, it can never be a substitute for real relationships.

So here is a new challenge. Before posting your next update, share it with God first.

Let me know how it goes…

I am a worship leader in South Africa. I currently head up the worship ministry for a Vineyard church plant called The Edge. I was in the ministry full-time for 9 years, which also included planting a church in Southern California. Currently I am tent-making, teaching I.T. at a private Christian school. I am passionate about worship especially when it touches every area of our lives, when we take it to the streets. Lastly I am also a drummer and played with a legendary group of people called “The Benjamin Gate”. Eventually I left them because the law of averages says that “eventually all drummers will spontaneously combust or fall victim to a bizarre gardening accident.” Ha ha…