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Intimacy and Tithing, what!?!

(Article by “got worship?” contributor Justin Mulder)
checklistI was listening to a teaching the other day by Arthur Burke. He was just sharing how “the first person you take your victories and failures to, is the person you will be most intimate with.”

Now that is some loose quoting, but if you enjoy what I have to say, give Arthur the credit.

It really struck me between the eyes though as I have really been struggling to get more intimate with God. My life is more complicated now than when I was a teen and all “on fire for Jesus”. The truth is those were beautiful innocent days, but life happens, people hurt you, you get lost, make mistakes, try to fix things yourself and before long you have lost that “fire” you had.

Anyway’s back to Arthur! This whole idea of “first-fruits” (for newcomers it’s what the cool Christians call tithing, ha ha) giving God the first of everything was never meant to only be about money. It was meant to be about everything, and while that meant the Jews would put aside the first bit of flour they ground up etc. I had never thought of it including our emotions.

Obviously worship needs two main things to make a fire, it needs awe and intimacy. I think this idea of bringing the first-fruits of our emotions, our victories and failures is something that can be a real breakthrough for me and maybe for you too.

So give it a bash and leave a comment to share how it’s affected you!

I am a worship leader in South Africa. I currently head up the worship ministry for a Vineyard church plant called The Edge. I was in the ministry full-time for 9 years, which also included planting a church in Southern California. Currently I am tent-making, teaching I.T. at a private Christian school. I am passionate about worship especially when it touches every area of our lives, when we take it to the streets. Lastly I am also a drummer and played with a legendary group of people called “The Benjamin Gate”. Eventually I left them because the law of averages says that “eventually all drummers will spontaneously combust or fall victim to a bizarre gardening accident.” Ha ha…