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iPads (and iPhones) in Church

Technology grows in leaps and bounds – and it is more and more common that you see iPads and iPhones popping up in services across the country each week.  When I bring a word of Scripture during a worship set…I read it from my iPhone.  When my pastor reads his Bible or looks to his sermon notes…he reads them from his iPad.  These seem like the obvious uses – but what about the uses that don’t seem as obvious?

ProPresenter : ProPresenter has been my screencast of choice for quite some time.  The fact that they have an app available for both iPhone and iPad that allows you to control your ProPresenter presentations remotely just seals the deal of their “uberness”.

Planning Center Online: Worship planning is so easy with this website.  With their free app, you’ll be able to create and arrange your worship services, schedule your team members, arrange your stage, and run your service live all from within the app!

YouVersion : Don’t keep sermon notes to yourself…share them with your congregation!  This is one of the greatest tools to keep a congregation following.  I have literally seen people who otherwise would not follow a sermon get out their iPhones and follow along just because “it is cool technology”.  Tell me that isn’t a God thing!  You can allow your guest and members to follow along with sermon notes, follow the Bible verses as you call them, give tithes and offerings, give prayer requests, and much more all from the same app!

Prayer Engine : Speaking of prayer…take a look at some sweetness from .  Our church uses their technology to allow anyone to post a prayer request and then have others pray for their needs.  The requestor gets a message each time someone prays for their need!  Pretty sweet.  There is a nice app design as well.  You can see our web interface here:

What about thinking outside the box?  I recently had a got worship? subscriber send me a message asking me what I thought the best iPad apps for Audio/Visual were.  Do any digital mixing during your service?  Stop for a moment before you ridicule me…your FOH guys spend their time in the back corner of the room – a place we encourage others not to hang around – yet that becomes a point of reference for what they hear to mix by.  Now, a good sound guy will tell you they walk the floor to hear how it sounds.  What if they could mix while walking?

There are plenty of digital boards out there with computer interfaces.  This opens the possibility of being able to VNC into your computer from an iPad and being able to use the same controls from your monitor right on your iPad!  Some of you may already be doing this with a laptop.  Question…while your FOH guy is walking around with his device and it falls and drops…would you rather replace a $500 iPad or a laptop for a couple of grand?

How about lights?  There is an app already to help you with your lighting needs.  You can even program scenes.  Take a look at the video below and find out more. And then find out how to get the LightingPad here.

So these things beg to question…what are the best apps you have found for the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch for church use?  Use the box below to help contribute to the conversation!