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Is God Letting You Run Things?

Today’s Monday School comes a little late in the evening…but has a great point.  This time, the lesson comes from a small church in Enville, TN from a pastor who speaks with frailty – but such sincerity.

This Sunday’s lesson was taken from Isaiah 5:1-6.  Take a moment and read it and we will come back to it.

How interesting is this passage?  Why would God tear apart the vineyard to such destruction?  The answer is simple…

“have it your way”.

You see, God gives us each the tools to be able to live our lives, manage our families, perform our duties as worship leaders.  Sometimes, we think we have a better idea of how it should be done.  Who knows when there may come a time when God may step aside and say “have it your way.  I’ll let you run it and I will back out completely.”  Perhaps it has already occurred.  Perhaps that one problem we have been dealing with and asking God “why” has already been answered by Isaiah 5.

I know I am done trying to “have things my way.”   I want to do my best to do things His way.