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Is It Worn Enough?

I knew it was bound to happen – but sad to see the day. My favorite Bible – the one that I use personally and use when speaking finally decided to fall completely apart. I had always joked with people that “if my Bible ever falls apart – it will be right in Romans” because of the frequency of using the passages there. Sure enough – it went right between Romans 3 and Romans 6.

I posted the picture of my tattered Bible last night on Facebook and twitter and had responses about tattered Bibles

Still, while my Bible is worn…I have to ask myself – “is it worn enough?” I spent part of my morning remembering a small village and their story of recieving just ONE Bible…and how it impacted their lives. I’d be willing to bet that I don’t treat the Bible with near as much importance as this tribe did – and that saddens me. I’m on my quest now to find a brand new Bible – and see how quickly I can wear it out by reading it as intently as this community did: