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Is The Holy Spirit Your Scapegoat?

It happens…the hectic week of life shows up at your door all at once and you barely have time to prepare a worship service – and that perfect song that you had envisioned singing doesn’t get planned out.  You show up at rehearsal – and your team looks to you for guidance on how the song should be done…”how do we transition to it?”  “who starts it?”  “how do we end it?”  “do we do verse, chorus, verse, chorus bridge?…or do we do verse, verse, chorus, bridge, repeat first verse?”  So many questions…and you have zero answers.   BUT WAIT!!!!  There is a simple answer that makes it sound as if God is in charge of the mess you created…and He will sort is out as if it was ordained to be so disorganized.  That simple answer is…

“We’ll just let the Spirit lead us on this one.”

Really?  As spiritual as it may sound…the sheer nature of it may as well be to say “We’ll let the Holy Spirit be responsible for my lack of preparation.”    You know something…I am guilty of it as well – and I’ve uttered the words myself.  As I begin the new year, I begin two major projects:  One is a massive website to cater to even more needs of worship leaders than I ever knew was possible…and the other is a book called “IMPERFECT”, which talks about the constant spiritual journey of worship leaders who realize they  can never be perfect…and that God can use their imperfections.  For me to write the book…I have to come to grips with my own flaws.  Through this process of self-exposing, I am hoping that we can grow together.  When I realized that I have used the “We’ll let the Spirit lead” statement in my own lack of preparedness – I wondered who else does?

So…back on point.   What about preparedness and avoiding the ole’ “Holy Spirit Scapegoat”?  Take a look at my thoughts this morning as I drove to the office in my “Dashboard Confessionals” …then, after you watch, share your own thoughts below in the comments section.