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"Its All About You"

Wow! Isn’t God just awesome?!? You know, one of my favorite songs to lead is “Jesus, Lover of My Soul (It’s All ABout You)” because of the trueness of the words. I can’t begin to tell you how many times life each week would get me so wrapped up and self centered…I’ll admit that there were times that I would wake up on Sunday and drive in for pre-Worship rehearsal and think “God, I’m not even worthy to be doing this today with as __________ (insert the week’s emotion) as I feel today.” But as I sang that song, it would all be so clear and so true. It is all about Him!

Now that I’m worshiping at FBCSmyrna I’m once again reminded of the “joys” of waking up early on Sunday morning to rehearse after having practices throughout the week. I know there may be some who love getting up early – but you can ask my wife…I’m not one of them. Despite my issues with getting up in the morning – do you know what makes it all awesome? The hearts that the whole team has! Now, don’t get me wrong…I wouldn’t trade my previous teams away and cast them to the wind…but these guys make it so enjoyable. Despite the shear number of times that we go over these songs – they don’t just become words…when it comes time for Worship…God is there…and (loved the prayer, Micah…so I have to include it) … “God sings over us“! It’s hard not to raise my hands, smile, cry, and just sing!


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