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It’s Just A Drop In A Bucket : dontate.


It’s just a drop in a bucket.  I know it doesn’t seem like much – but it add ups.  Every drop over time collectively adds until the bucket is full.  I am thankful for every drop of water that drips.

I want to ask each of you for a favor.  Would you be a drop in a bucket?  If you get any value out of the articles and resources we offer at, would you consider making a donation of any amount to our operating costs?  Between monthly hosting costs and other assorted fees – our ministry comes with a price tag.  It is well worth the price to see and hear from people all over the world who share their stories with us.  To be honest…I am humbled at how God allows me to use this website to reach the world with this site on a daily basis.

If this site has mattered to you even in the smallest of ways…would you be a small drop in a large bucket?  Consider making a donation of any amount by clicking the “Donation” button below and making a secure donation via PayPal.  If you make a donation of $10.00 or greater, I will send you one of our black “got worship?” t-shirts.  (While supplies last.  Please send size information in the ‘comments’ section on donation form.)

I thank you in advance for being a “drop in the bucket”!

Here’s to greater things to come!

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