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Jared Anderson Celebrates New Album – Answers Questions at

What happens when a guy like Jared Anderson steps out into his first solo adventure in three years with a brand new album called The Narrow Road? The answer is simple: worship leaders everywhere find fresh songs to add to their congregations and CCLI downloads from SongSelect increase. Known for songs like “Rescue,” “Amazed,” “Glorified,” “Great I Am,” and a whole host of others, Jared Anderson – founding member of Desperation Band – brings listeners a modern day worship album with inspiration from a centuries old book.

“Like The Pilgrim’s Progress, this album tells the stories of trials and how they shouldn’t define us,” explains Anderson. “Instead, they prepare us for the destination.”

The preparation, nor the travel is ever easy, as Anderson’s title track “The Narrow Road” reminds us. “Wide the gate broad the road/ that leads to destruction

“The enemy is the distracter,” says Anderson. “He wants to kill our focus. He wants to destroy the unity between us and God. So walking ‘the narrow road’ isn’t an option for followers of Jesus. Matthew 7:13-14 tells us plainly that it’s a necessity.”

From songs that simply call us to a remembrance that we stand before our Maker like “Behold Your God”:

Behold your God
Beautiful beyond description
Author of a great salvation
Mystery that none can fathom
Behold your God

To songs like “35 Lines” in which the musical score is about as unsettling (purposefully) to the listener as the words are should we not be moved to take action.
They can’t be reached by themselves
Economics can’t tell
The good news of the kingdom
Sons and daughters of love
Don’t be silent you must
Make disciples and preach
The good news of the kingdom
The good news of the kingdom

The album is laced throughout with anthems, songs of adoration, calls to worship, and drops of melodic truth that read straight forth from the Word. This is, perhaps, Jared Anderson’s purest work yet – and there are still nuggets of familiarity with “Great I Am” and “I Am Free” making reprises in the 13 track album.
The album releases September 4th. For more information on Jared’s ministry and music, visit or follow him on Twitter at @jaredanderson. Jared and his wife Megan are also venturing out into a new adoption journey. You can also follow that journey through their blog,

Interested in knowing more about Jared’s insight into the album? Want to pick Jared’s brain on the creative process of writing for the church at New Life Church? Perhaps you’d just like some pointers on where to start for writing your first worship song for your congregation? Submit your questions for Jared below in our comments section and we will randomly select a few for Jared to personally answer here exclusively on in the coming days!