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Jesus Sang Tomlin Songs


(A quick note before we begin:  Yes, I’m aware that this article will take some needed explaining.  I’ll pause for a moment to shake out the dust.  We will first acknowledge that I don’t, for a moment, truly believe that Jesus sang the “songs of Chris Tomlin”.  If you know me and know how much I value the mentorship of brothers like Chris – you’ll know that the material in this article is meant in no way in jest.  Please read on.  To those stuck on the following topics:  “the awkward use of Jesus as a bobblehead”, “neon lettering in a Christian setting when it should be reserved for bars”, “the use of click-bait for articles” or any other strange thing you can think of…we will give you a moment before we proceed…)

One of the most overlooked verses in the Bible

I’ve talked with Pastors for years and even those who study the Bible who can quote, chronologically, the events that transpired from the moment Jesus entered the upper room with his twelve closest bros to the moment he was taken away to be crucified in the Garden of Gethsemene.  Nearly 100% of the same people will leave out one detail that occurred in one verse.  The verse is simply beautiful.

Let me set the scene for you.  Jesus and the twelve are walking and making their way to Jeruselem. – and as they walk, Jesus stops inside the city.  He sets them up to be have a meal together.  Ahhh…yes…its Passover time!  This is the time when we remember God’s deliverance and God’s promise.  A lamb is slaughtered and eaten.  There is so much symbolism…and Jesus is about to start connecting some very prophetic dots to his comrades.

There are many customs during Passover.  Many that we don’t know if we are not Jewish.  Admittedly – I don’t know each and every one of them.  There is another custom during the Passover feast…and it happens in Matthew 26:30.

30 And when they had sung an hymn, they went out into the mount of Olives.

Have you ever noticed it before?  Jesus sang with his disciples.  How awesome is that?  Our Lord and Savior modeling corporate worship right there in the scriptures!

So…what song did He sing?  Ahh….here is the other cool part.  It was customary for certain hymns to be sung during the Passover.  The hymns of the Hallel would be sung during this time.  At the conclusion, it has been accepted and believed that Jesus and the twelve may have sung what is referred to as “the great Hallel”.  The Hallels are Psalms 113-118 while the great Hallel comes from Psalm 118.

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for his steadfast love endures forever!”

Look familiar?  How about Psalm 115?

“Not to us, but to your name, give glory”

Who knew?  Jesus was into Chris Tomlin songs?  Okay – for good measure…He liked Matt Redman, too.  Check out Psalm 113:

“Blessed be the name of the Lord”

I don’t intend to make levity of such a rich and beautiful moment – our Savior…singing in corporate worship with his disciples…marking a custom that would soon transition from a ceremony of a lamb in remembrance of God’s leading and promise…to an event in history about a Lamb slaughtered in fulfillment  of God’s Promise.

It was just a simple verse.

…but it such a huge moment to remind us as worship leaders.

You’d better bet the disciples – who had just heard Jesus telling them he was about to die – knew the significance of the song being sung.  What a powerful moment He had as a worship leader.  Just one small moment in time,

We have that honor week after week, my friends.

By Monday…people will likely forget the songs we sang…just like most forget the verse in the Bible.  The power is still there.  We are singing songs in honor of the same Lamb that sang many years ago.