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Keeping Worship Fresh

As a worship leader do you find yourself struggling week to week when it comes to the task of planning the worship service? Planning a fresh worship service week after week, month after month, year after year, can become quite a daunting task. Even the most creative of worship leaders can hit a wall when planning the worship service.

Over the years I have discovered a key step that has not only helped me develop as a worship leader, but it has become my foundation for planning and preparing to lead worship. Now I know that some worship leaders don’t have the freedom to create the service from start to finish. But no matter what your involvement in the planning process, this step will make a huge difference in the freshness of the worship service and in your development as a worship leader.

So what is this step? Here it is.Before you write down the first song, before you build the order of the service, before you do any phase of planning, ask God what He wants our worship to look like. What a novel idea! I mean if the service is to God, for God and about God,Wouldn’t be wise of us to begin by asking God what He wants our worship to look like? Well, what things should I ask? God, what do You want the service to look like? God, what songs do You want sung? God, do You want any scripture read?God, do You want anyone to give a testimony of Your grace?

You get the picture. The point is that in asking God what He wants His worship to look like, it will always be fresh. Another plus is that no one can complain that you only sing and play the songs you personally like. Especially if you let them know that you ask God what songs to choose, what the order will be and so on. How can anyone argue with that? Well actually they can, and someone might, but at least this way you can share with them your process, and you’ve got God backing you up.

To take it a step further, I have even gone as far as to place a piece of paper on the stage with the following words: God, what are You doing today? I will follow You! Talk about fresh worship! Especially when we are allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us.This week as you begin planning for the service, I want encourage you to begin by simply asking God what “He” wants His worship to look like.

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