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I sent a tweet late last night…it was very simple:

I come across many young worship leaders who want to know how to better themselves. I always ask the same question:

“What’s your devotional life like? Are you spending time alone with God in the Word?”

I’ve gotten varied responses. “I try to…but…” “Not as much as I need to…” etc….

If you are looking for deep thoughts in this article – you’ll find none. If you are looking for, what I believe to be, sound advice to get you through most every matter of the heart, body, and mind… especially when it comes to leading worship….then hinge on these next words:

Before you concern yourself with leading others…lead yourself to God’s throne. Spend personal time ALONE with God in prayer, song, and reading the WORD. Don’t count the time you opened your Bible during Sunday school or small group… truly invest yourself in the WORD.

As you prepare to make your New Years Resolutions, I hope you put more quiet time with God on the top of your list. In fact…why not implement that one today!