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Lessons in life from WAY-FM

mebrantpablomeanddonnaAs artists or songwriters, we are accustomed to radio stations giving us help and support.  After all, if it wasn’t for them and fans…who would hear the music?

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to help the radio station out in return.  That is what I thought was going to happen this morning when I headed out to WAY-FM at about 5:00 in the morning.  Turns out, I still benefited.

Let me explain…I got up early this morning to help out with WAY-FM’s Fall Pledge drive.  The station gets absolutely no government funding and is supported by its listeners.  I took time out of my day to help take calls and do some other assorted things between 6am and noon.  What I got – was a humbling and blessing from the callers.

During the day, I heard from a woman who had a drug addiction and learned through some encouraging words one day by Brant that God was the only “addiction” she really needed.   She has since been saved and continues to listen to WAY-FM for encouragement.

I heard from a single mother who is struggling to raise her 9 year old son.  She is now divorced from her ex-husband after a very dark past.  She said her son wanted nothing to do with church because of some issues in the past with his father.  She started listening to WAY-FM and her son began listening along.  He had his eyes open to what Christian love and encouragement was by Donna Cruz and asked to go to church.  Soon after, he was saved and was just baptized two weeks ago.  It was her son who, when going to school this morning, begged his mother to pledge a donation as a “thank you”.

I talked to a woman who was suicidal – but, in her darkest moment of crisis heard a statement from Wally about how important your life is to God…this woman said she never intended to listen to the station that day…she simply turned the radio on to disguise any…..well….disguise any other “noise” in the room.  WAY-FM just happened to be the first station she found.

Let me just level with you.  As Christians, we may take WAY-FM for granted as simply a station that plays music we like.  In actuality, it is a station that God is using daily to make such a positive impact on people.

Would you do me a favor?  Would you care to share this post along to others via twitter or facebook?  You’ll find some share link buttons below or a “ReTweet” button in the top-right of this post.  Maybe you can’t afford to donate to WAY-FM…but, perhaps, one of your friends can.  Perhaps God has blessed you enough that you would consider making a monthly or one time donation to WAY-FM so that they can continue their work.  If you can, please use the link below to donate directly to your local station.

Regardless of what route you take, please pray that God will continue to open doors of opportunities for WAY-FM to be the hands and feet to a world that seeks more than just positive music.

In Christ,

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