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Lessons learned from bumper stickers…and Fish!


Go ahead and laugh it up…I did!  The nerve of this guy, right?  I mean…how hypocritical can a person be?  Here we have a man who clearly has a strong distaste for those who use cell phones while driving…and he is on a cell phone in his truck!

You see, this guy has to be accountable for what he puts on his vehicle…because you never know who’s going to be reading it or…in this case…be behind you with a camera ready to catch you in a moment of hypocrisy!

As bewildered as you may be at this guy’s actions based on his personal statements (bumper stickers), what do you profess on your vehicle?  A “JESUS” bumper sticker?  A “Christian Fish”?  A Christian radio station bumper sticker?  The rosary hanging around your rearview mirror?  A Jesus bobble head?  (OK….if you actually have a Jesus bobble head…we need to talk on a much serious level – one on one.)

I think you get my point – what we place on our vehicles has just as much influence…but not always the right type of influence.  No, I’m not saying get rid of these items (or Christian t-shirts for that matter…)  What I am suggesting is that you take heed in what message (like our unfortunant cell-phone hater) we are displaying.


THE STATEMENT:  When we plaster our vehicles or our person with “Christian” banners, we are under scrutiny.  It’s not a great witness, however, when the guy/gal sporting a “God is My Co-Pilot” decides to do a little “in flight manuver” by cutting off the guy in the other lane while giving some sort of one-fingered salute.  Yes, it happens.  The trully sad part is that while we sneer at the guy who boasts “Hang Up and Drive” yet refuses to do so himself – when a Christian acts in a similar manner, it tends to stereotype Christians to non-believers who may witness the action.


The Sermon:  These are the fun ones.  Nothing says “God Loves You” like seeing a bumper sticker that says “TRY JESUS! If you don’t like Him, Satan will always take you back!”  Niiiice.  I can hear the calls of revival coming now as thousands park their cars and drop to their knees and give their hearst to the Lord based on that – or any other bumper sticker.  Just like our cell-phone friend and his sermon…our “drive-by” sermons have just about as much impact – NONE.  I’ve heard plenty of testimonies – but I have never heard a testimony that begins “…I was driving down the road and saw this bumper sticker…” 


THE SIGNS:  Perhaps the biggest lesson from our cellphone vigilante are the signs around him.   It is a quicker pill to swallow to think that this guy was parked on the side of the road while talking on his cell phone.  Based on the pretty green lights in the picture – it is obvious that he wasn’t.

We have signs all around us that are much more important to watch than a bumper sticker.  Our individual actions are our signs.  Take the words in Corinthians:

“You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everybody. You show that you are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.” (2 Corinthians 3:2-3)

Let’s put this in another perspective.  What if we said this of the verse:  “YOU are our bumper sticker, what’s in your heart, in your actions…that’s what is seen and read by everybody.  With your actionsnot a bumper sticker, you show that you are a Christ follower, not stamped on a sticker but with the Spirit of God so that you can make an impression on the hearts of others!”

Or, you could learn a lesson from St. Francis of Assisi :