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"Let The Little Children Come To Me"….

If you are close to me – you know I love kids.  I’ve done various things in the church…but none can touch you more than working with kiddos.  I was the AWANA Director and AWANA Pastor for a church in Oklahoma and also led the boys and girls version of “Wed Night Church” (Counsel Time) there.  I had the pleasure of seeing a lot of kids be saved…and got the ultimate honor of playing a part in many of their lives.

I still remember the Children’s Revival that I got to do with Kieth Coast (awesome guy….book him if you haven’t already.) and saw over twenty kids in just one night who gave their lives to Jesus…including my son.  Now that he is older…he is still on fire.

One night when he was 10 years old and after the kids had gone to bed, my wife showed me something he did in school.  I’m not clear what it was for…some kind of “fun project”…but it was obvious that it was supposed to be a “Wanted” poster of himself.

The cool thing about this poster was that he decided to put “supporting facts” behind why he was “WANTED”.  Bear in mind…he is in public school.  We haven’t had him in a private Christian school in a couple of years…

Hunter decided to write out for his class to see…that he was “crazy like a rabid dog about Jesus.”

Sometimes I wish I were more like my son…