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LifePoint Church – Setting a Course for a Kingdom


As a songwriters, there is one small wonder that gets us all – you have a song that gets a fair amount of radio airplay…and it gets wild applause when the song comes up in a set list during a concert.  The wonderment comes when an in-ear monitor comes out of your ear and you hear a humbling resonance of a crowd singing the words you have written.  "They know it!  They take it to heart!".  It is quite an amazing feat when you can engage a crowd with a set comprised of 100% of those songs…and the crowd singing everyone back.

I stood tonight in the back of an auditorium…amazed.  I listened to generation after generation…young and old – younger and even older – singing and lifting their hands to praise God.  They sang words – but not just any words.  These were words that were comfortable, familiar…and True.  LifePoint Church premiered the new LifePoint Illuminate: Children of Light CD tonight in a free concert to the public.  The house was packed…and the energy was unstoppable.

I stand there in the back fighting back tears and failing miserably – happy tears in hearing these generations joining in songs…but I wasn’t the one in the spotlight.   These songs were created by my own peers…but even they weren’t the ones in the spotlight, for we were all just seeing a preview of what I firmly believe is to come with this album.  Someone else was there without any in-ears hearing the masses singing songs…

…God was there.

I cry knowing that God had to be smiling.  The elations I used to get hearing anyone else sing my stuff…could never hold a candle to God hearing His children pouring out their hearts to Him and singing with every ounce of passion and energy they could muster.

Worship leaders, worship pastors, and worshipers alike…this environment tonight was created from honest hearts and has resulted in not only a CD of some of the most inspiring worship songs I have heard in years – but also has created entire campuses of believers who are singing these songs.   I want them to inspire your congregations as well.  Would you consider purchasing a CD from LifePoint or buying the album from iTunes and then teaching these songs to your congregation?  I’d love for you to do that today and know that you will be investing in your own congregation and also investing in growing new congregations across the globe.*

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*(50% of every album purchased will go to LifePoint Church’s "Sending Church" campaign to help plant churches across the globe.  Find out more about that effort here.)