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Love Letters To God


I was talking to my wife recently about songwriting and worship styles when the conversation turned to a conversation I once had with John Mark McMillan about his writing style – and the use of “love” as it relates to God in songs.  My wife always amazes me with her knowledge and wisdom…she completes me as a pastor’s wife – but tonight…her words blew me away.  As we discussed our dislike for the simplicity in which many songwriters tend to approach worship songs today in contrast to the hymns of yesterday – she began to talk in a manner that caused me to stop dead in my tracks.

She began, so eloquently relating our songwriting to writing a love song to God – telling Him how we feel about Him much in the manner we would our own spouse.  It was amazing to hear the perspective.

“I dont like my life, in general,  to be the same thing.  Since I am created in the image of God, I would expect that He would want the best from us,” she said.  “He would expect us to come with something different to say and not just repeat the same things over and over.”  She began relating repetitious lyrics in songs to a lack of creativity and drive that some spouses may feel when all we find to say is merely the same “I love you” on a daily basis.  It’s not just the words – it’s the words and the manner and the patterns in which its presented.

“Women want and crave for men to say something different in the way they say ‘I love you’.  That’s why there are so many different magazines that talk about ‘Ways To Show Her You Love Her,‘”  my wife remarked.  “Its not just about depth to me – its about ‘bring(ing) to Him a new song”.

I’ve never quite viewed songwriting like this.  I’ve never viewed “sing a new song” in the same way…nor do I think I ever will again.  We really do have the opportunity to sing statements to God in the songs we write – and we need to be careful that we arent simply saying the same thing over and over simply out of lack of true thought into our inspiration.  Let’s abandon the notion we have fallen into that seekers cant “get” deep spiritual meat in songs.  After all, the songs are about God.  Let’s get back to diving deep into songs that fall in love with a God that we are madly in love with.

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