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Make someone’s day brighter!

Hello friends,

I’d like to ask you to help shine a little light on someone’s day that really needs it right now.  My friend and Christian recording artist Tammy Trent is on a mission to give her brother-in-law some encouragement in his time of need.

As many of you may know, Tammy’s husband Trent lost his life a few short years back while free diving in Jamaica.  While Tammy was faced with, perhaps, the saddest moments in her life…so was Trent’s brother, Troy.

Now, doctors have diagnosed Troy with cancer…and within the past couple of days, the family has hospice working with him.  No one but our Lord trully knows the time that he has left on this earth – but we can do powerful things for Troy and his health.

Would you do a couple of things for me?  Would you take the time tonight and each day to pray for Troy and those providing him medical attention?  When you’re done praying, would you send Troy a SHORT email of encouragement?  This is a special request from Tammy…and the notes of inspriation he has recieved thus far have been very uplifting to him.

Troy’s email is [email protected]

Until Every Knee Bows,