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I would say that this post take a break from my Biblical posts – but it doesn’t. The Bible admonishes us to love and honor our wives – and this past week, I’ve gotten to get closer to my wife and have loved every second of it.

Back in 2008, my wife and I got to take a honeymoon together for the first time in over five years since marriage as husband and wife. We got to spend plenty of dates with each other – more dates than we have been on in more than ten years than we have been together. That is sad.

We let our lives get so consumed with our day-to-day tasks that we forgot about us. We forgot that we still have needs. Even when I was leading Worship and my wife was Preschool Director at our last church, she started a “Parents Night Out” once a month to help other parents have time together – but the shear organization alone left us with barely enough time to go out and grab a quick bite to eat on our on – so we never got to trully partake of the time utilization then, either.

We’ve now learned a lesson – we HAVE to take the time for oursleves…to go out on dates…to be 16, 17, 18…whatever the dating age is (32 if you are my daughter) and just date.

The bottom line….HUSBANDS….date your wifes! I think in today’s day and age, God would have made it a verse in the Bible.

Last, but not least….I LOVE MY WIFE!