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MercyMe 10 : Pre-Order TODAY!!


It has been nearly a decade since “I Can Only Imagine” made us all yern even more for Heaven.  In celebration of this anniversary, MercyMe is releasing a new album called simply… “10”.   The album has several favorites and some new ones…even a remake of “I Can Only Imagine” recorded at the historic Abbey Roads studios with the London Symphony Orchestra.


Advance orders are being taken for the album now by clicking here.  For less than twenty-five bucks, you can order a CD, t-shirt, and an autographed lithograph of “I Can Only Imagine”.

Help support Bart and the whole gang by ordering your copy today!  Bart, Robby, Barry and the gang are some of the most genuine people in the business…and that same genuine quality – one geared towards making music that lifts upwards – can be found on the new album.

Visit today to learn more, listen to some tracks, and purchase a copy today!