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Merry Christmas from The Whitehorns!

We’ve had a roller coaster of a year.  Some of it has been public…and some of it has been personal.  Thankfully, “got worship?” has survived and, at times, thrived, through the toughest of issues.  We are grateful that we have more than a few thousand of you who come to this site each month to join us.
It is this time of year that we all get to take a break from the chaos of the season and, on this day, reflect on the birth of our Savior.  We are so very honored to celebrate that birth with you – our family at “got worship?”.
Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!
From Jason, Crystal, Hunter and Amber … the Whitehorns.

Merry Christmas from The Whitehorns!, originally uploaded by Jason Whitehorn Pics. Image pictured is the Chistmas tree in the Whitehorn’s living room.

NOTE: This video/picture is being sent from my mobile phone. Yes…there will likely be typos in the text…that is my nature. No…the videos/pictures will not always make sense. You’ll be fine.
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Until Every Knee Bows,