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Merry Christmas & Season's Greetings from the Whitehorns

I know its been a while since I’ve posted – life has been a little hectic around the Whitehorn camp as I’m sure it has been for most. I’ve been working on a couple of projects and attempting to refocus some energy on writing while maintaining a healthy family balance at the same time.

We had a bit of downtime right between Thanksgiving and Christmas due to family illnesses but, thankfully, that seems to be behind us know. We got to spend the days before Christmas travelling to Mississippi to be with family, Christmas Eve with the Chapman’s, and are planning to take a couple of other trips between now and the end of January.

Got to take a rant for a moment…I am still stuck with as it seems our friend in Japan is still holding ransom. ( After I left the music business for the first time a few years back, my site became dormant and the domain went away…some “thoughtful” person in Japan decided to scoop it up and, for whatever reason, seems to think it is prime internet real estate (at least the $10,000 plus price tag he has on my name suggests it.) Only on the internet will I ever find a place where someone will hold your name hostage and demand a ransom for it. Only on the internet will someone have the time to post a map to your home under the title “Nashville Celebrity Homes”.

I’ll digress on the rant….

It is my sincere wish that you have the greatest and most prosperous of years in the coming year. I’ve learned so much this year that true prosperity doesn’t come from the amount of money in your bank account…but from the joy you have realizing all that God has done for us in this life and how blessed we trully are.

Until Every knee bows,

Jason Whitehorn