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Modern Sound Within Your Worship Team

One of the big rules that I talk about often to worship teams that I have either coached or lead is the “100% Rule”. This, in a nutshell, means that our sound as a worship team needs to represent “100%” – but each instrument has to find their own delicate balance within the 100%. If the acoustic guitar is playing full on 100% of the time – then it leaves no room for a song to “breathe” or take on any dynamics.

This simple rule alone can make a difference between a traditional style worship sound and a modern-style worship sound. Many traditional teams are driven heavily by piano or acoustic guitar – which takes almost all 100% of the musical pie – and then invites other instruments to play along with…often times in a loud build. The end result is simply a lot of loudness and not as much structure.

One of the main ways that your worship team can easily make a transformation relies heavily upon the keyboards. You’ll notice in the video above that the pianist didn’t have to play too much of the bass part and can often times “sit on his left hand” and simply rely on playing arpeggios of a chord with the right. Even more common is the art of “padding”. This may be new for most pianists who are used to a traditional “piano” church-feel. Much of padding deals with an airy-string sound that provides a light underscoring for music in worship and is a great sound for transitioning in between songs or to underlay a prayer.

Watch the video below for some ideas of sounds. Just a simple pad sound can easily move a song or service from a traditional feel and bring it around to a modern worship-type style.

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